Why Health & Joy ?

The CEO of ILANTUS  is a deeply spiritual person, who in fact, is not strictly religious or superstitious at all. He is a deeply grounded person with his roots in the Earth and his branches spread all over his friends, family, workplace, and over a few other organizations.

This is not to say that he is not human. He is completely human as well, with his own shortcomings and difficulties, and hence his recognition both of what it takes to be a corporate leader (as an individual as well as a company) – as well as what is possible for the lives of the individuals that he meets within and without the company.

This tab is a simple, direct, and heartfelt exploration of one man who believes in nothing but goodness, and desires deeply to make his business not only profitable but an agent for improvement and goodness in the world.

As such, you will find here brutal honesty, innovation, calls to action, and illumination for you and your organization. You will find yourself challenged, and sometimes deeply understood. You will be given tools to improve your life and of those around you – while improving your business.

You will find a transmission from the mind of someone who is deeply involved in a process of self-discovery as a CEO and Entrepreneur and as an individual. Underlying this message is a love of life and a thirst for growth, and we invite other thirsty people to raises their glasses and drink deeply with us.