A modern SaaS identity governance solution which helps you tackle security and compliance issues. Empower your employees while securing ALL of your digital identities as they access ALL applications and ALL data across your hybrid IT environment.

What is IdentityNow?


Business Benefits:

  • Mitigates Risk of Inappropriate Access
  • Boosts Productivity while Reducing Costs
  • Improves Audit Performance
  • Delivers Comprehensive Visibility and Control for Improved Compliance
  • Strengthes Security with Automated Controls

The Ilantus Advantage – Collaboration

According to Gartner, around 50% of IAM implementations are failures. For over 18 years, Ilantus has been known for implementation successes – the only path to successful solution on-boarding. With over 500 complex implementations, Ilantus knows how to get the job done ensuring that businesses reap the benefits of the deployment.