Micro Identity Services

Unique, revolutionary concept from Ilantus to pay only for services you consume.

No license purchase, buy micro services as you grow your Identity and Access Management program.

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AD Provisioning/De-Provisioning as a Service
New Hire Provisioning as a Service
Movers as a Service
Access Request as a Service
Access Certification as a Service
Single Sign-On as a Service
Password Reset as a Service

Provisioning AD account is the first Identity Administration action after a new user is onboarded in the HR system.

ADPaaS automates this process for you. A simple way to begin your User Lifecycle Management operations.

Ilantus delivers ADPaaS as AD as service. No need to purchase license, identity implementation vendors and have complex operations established in-house.

New Hire Provisioning as a Service (NHPaaS)

A new hire requires creation of AD account and initial password, Single Sign-On dashboard and access to birthright applications (accesses that are tied to role).

Ilantus offers a unique service that makes the need of providing license and hiring vendors for complex implementation, redundant. You can sign up for NHPaaS with Ilantus that would deliver the services on a simple per user per month subscription. A small charge for one time implementation would ensure you with 100% satisfaction. No more worries on successful service availability as in traditional purchase models.

Movers as a Service (MaaS)

There are times in an organization when users undergo changes such as:

  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Time-bound Access

Ilantus offers a unique service that can be ordered by you. All the employee related movement changes are implemented and delivered through one simple contract. Ideal for being ordered after the initial new hire services have been implemented. No need to pay for expensive licenses as required in traditional purchase models.

Access Request as a Service (ARaaS)

The manual access request process can be a daunting task for business users and IT teams. Users might wait days or weeks for access because multiple approvals take time in this slow manual process. Any delay in access causes a delay in job performance ability and affects the company’s bottom line.

The only model offered by the industry is to purchase license, get the implementation delivered by the vendor and manage the complex process, with no guarded SLAs.

Ilantus’ unique ARaaS now makes it possible to clearly define the deliverable and SLAs for this service. The service is typically purchased by customer after some of  the initial services have been implemented where these include ADPaaS and NHPaas.

Access Certification as a Service (ACaaS)

Access Certification is one of the most critical Identity Compliance needs. Organisations struggle to put a workable certification system in place that would minimize issues with auditors.

IAM systems are often purchased only Access Certification, a very costly and complex route.

Ilantus offers for the first time in the industry offers ACaaS, by ordering this you can quickly implement and get on with certification campaigns that 100%  comply with audit requirements.

No need to purchase product license, separate implementation or managed services. Simply order ACaaS and quickly deploy Access Certification with  assured management and support.

Single Sign-On as a Service (SSOaaS)

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On systems are commonly used now. Unfortunately, prevailing licensing models do not differentiate between a light user and heavy user. Ilantus for the first time brings in SSOaaS where you pay based on number login and not number of users. It eliminates the need to purchase expensive license that may not be used much.

The services delivered that includes installation of the system, building of connectors including thick-client ones, and managing the SLA of the running system.

Password Reset as a Service (PRaaS)

Organizations purchase password management only to pay for expensive licence that are many time not used.

There is a huge gap between user registration and user adoption in most organizations that means you pay for user license that are not being used.

Ilantus brings in a unique PRaaS  service, where you pay based on number of password resets. You do not have to worry about purchasing product license and complex implementation and support.

You simply order PRaaS where you pay based on number of password resets. A revolutionary and refreshing change from the existing models.