Our Story

We are Ilantus – a remarkable story of passion and commitment.

Ilantus embraced the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain in the year 2000. With our founder’s experience and foresight, we recognized early on that Identity and Access Management was the wave of the future. IAM was little known, little understood and pretty much invisible. As a critical emerging industry, it was borne during the dotcom meltdown -a time that would make or break emerging companies no matter how forward thinking.

Our founders chose our name after the “Ailanthus Tree,” a tree that can grow in the harshest of conditions. How apt that would be as we learned how to develop with the industry during all conditions – never changing course – never changing domains. We entered the market as Systems Integrators – implementing and managing third party IAM suites – partnering with known and established names such as BMC Software (the industry’s first large company to offer an IAM suite), IBM, Oracle, Novell, Aveksa.

With ever maturing IAM expertise, we continued to see ahead as Identity as a Service (IDaaS) began to emerge. As the domain changed, so did Ilantus – transforming into a solution company with complementary services. Staying true to our core mission, making Identity and Access Management accessible to all types of companies, we continue to work with customers to develop IAM strategies and solutions that fit specific needs.

As a symbol of our commitment, the Ailanthus Tree continues to be our guide – always developing and growing.

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