Password Management

Charm your users with the best user experience ever!

Outshines any other Password Management product in features.


Delight your customers with the magic of

seamless Password Sync, Password Reset and Registration-less Password Management.

Account Sign-Up

Simplify the path to self-service password resets by removing employee sign-up. Create employee accounts behind-the-scenes so users can reset passwords immediately.

Secure Directory
with Integration

Flexible and secure user store with AD/LDAP integration across multiple domains and self-service AD/LDAP password reset.

Password Reset

Quick and easy way to change/reset passwords and unlock accounts through simple verification without relying on the Helpdesk.


Automatic password update to all target applications when a password is changed or reset at a global or AD level.

Reverse Password

Automatic password sync to all target applications when a password is changed directly from the Active Directory.

Helpdesk Assisted
Password Reset

Enable the Helpdesk, Managers or others to reset passwords and clear lockouts when users need the assist.

One Identity

Use the same account to access Single Sign-On, Access Requests/Approvals and Password Management.

and Analytics

Sophisticated view of real-time data on password resets and user adoption.

Self-Service Password Reset

Empower Users to Reset Passwords and Unlock Accounts without Assistance

Reset forgotten passwords or unlock accounts using simple alternative verification options:

  • Challenge Response Questions
  • Email OTP
  • Third Party Soft-Token Apps

Secure Directory Integration

Authenticate with Active Directory or Ilantus built-in Universal Directory

Integrate seamlessly with any complex Active Directory deployment paving the way for a faster Password Management implementation.

Eliminate Account Sign-Up

Remember One Set of Credentials

Provide credentials only once for a session, eliminating the need to remember multiple credentials to gain access to multiple sessions.

Password Synchronization

Catch native password changes and automatically start the synchronization process

Active Directory password changes on the system sync across all target applications.

Reverse Password Synchronization

AD Password Sync from Anywhere

Password change on Active Directory syncs the change across all target applications.

Helpdesk Assisted Password Reset

Password Resets with Assistance

Enable the Helpdesk team to reset end user passwords with easy end user verification methods from the Helpdesk.

Maintain One Identity

Use Only One Credential Everywhere

Use the same user credential to single sign-on, reset/change passwords and request/approve accesses

Analytics and Reporting

Consolidated View of Product Usage

Easy access to user adoption and password reset reports on a single dashboard.