User Lifecycle Management

Automation done right
Right Access, Right Time.

Choose between LITE User Provisioning with Access Management or FULL BLOWN multi tenant Lifecycle Management


Out-of-the-Box integrations provide immediate provisioning for Day One Access for all users or a third party directory/database.

Integration with Directories and IDaaS Solutions

Integration flexibility – Be it with your Active Directory, our Universal Directory or Third-Party IDaaS Access management solutions.

Orchestrating the Lifecycle

Automating all aspects of a user’s lifecycle in an organization through pre-configured rules, policies, and workflows for joiners, transfers, promotions and leavers.

End-to-End Access Request Efficiency

Simple, intuitive interface allowing users to request access for specific business roles, entitlements or groups providing a clear view of user access privileges.

Pre-Integrated Provisioning

Large number of OOTB integrations available

Choose from the numerous pre-configured application connectors to start provisioning from Day One.

Integration with Active Directory or Universal Directory

In-built Universal Directory available for all end users

Provisioning automation no longer needs to be limited to Active Directory users. With the in-built secure Universal Directory, automatic provisioning can be extended to non-AD users such as part time users, partners and contractors.

Orchestrating the Lifecycle

Streamline and automate Access Request and User Provisioning processes to ensure users get access to the applications they need, right when they need them without violating access or compliance policies.

Account Provisioning & De-Provisioning

Birthright Provisioning

Provide new employees with Day One Access to birth-right applications such as HR system, Payroll, Active Directory, Email can save enormous time you do automated Day One Access!

Entitlement Provisioning

Fine-grained access entitlements (also referred to as “authorizations,” “privileges,” “access rights,” “permissions” and/or “rules”) available.

Transfers and Promotions

Manage user access across business apps and entitlements based on promotions and transfers. Includes providing new accesses and removing old accesses, when required.

Rule based Role Assignments

Create rules based on different user attributes and scenarios. Users will be automatically assigned to specific roles when added to the system or when any of the existing users’ attributes are changed.

Suspension and Restoration

Automatically suspend, disable and delete user accounts in Active Directory and target applications based on pre-defined business rules.


Enforce Statutory and Regulatory compliance. Auto-revoke accesses across all business applications when a user moves out of your organization.

Access Requests – Accounts and Entitlements

Enable users to request to any onboarded app, additional entitlements within an app or termination from any app.

Time Bound Access

Allow users working on a specific project to request access to an application for a predefined period of time.

End-to-End Access Request Efficiency

Automate an entire process – access request, access approval and user provisioning

Enable users to use a self-service process for application Access Request at the account and entitlement level with defined workflows for approvals.